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  • June17th

    badhouse“I only buy real estate because it is REAL.”  “They aren’t making any more land.”  “I can feel it, touch it, see it, so I know it has value.”  ”People with real money buy real estate.”

    I have heard them all.  There are elements of truth in some of these statements, but there is a lot of hot air as well.  Shall we examine how real estate has performed over time using the truth serum of data? Read More


  • May29th

    Montauk To Me

    Posted in: Personal

    MG Bike 2I am flying to NYC this evening to ride in the “Ride to Montauk” cycling event.  Each person who has asked me about this trip is both intrigued and confused.  They are interested in the fact that the ride is 108 miles long, but at the same time wondering why someone would CHOOSE to suffer on a bicycle for 6+ hours.

    It shall be fun!

    There will be a play by play write up after the event, assuming we make it.  However, in the meantime, here are my goals for the ride: Read More


  • May9th

    caesars-head-greenvilleOK, so about a year ago, I decided to get into cycling. I was in NY/NJ visiting a friend, and he showed me the bike he had purchased that was meant to be “for bigger guys.”  I was hooked, but just didn’t know it yet.

    Upon returning home, I started looking for the same bike.  After all, I am was 6’3” and 245 lbs, as opposed to the average cyclist at 5’7” and a buck-thirty.  I found my bike, paid too much, and we are off!

    Initially, I thought to myself, “I am not going to be one of those guys that wears the tights and the cycling jersey,” so initially I rode in mesh shorts and a t-shirt. Read More


New York Stock Exchange Photo by david.nikonvscanon Bullish Photo by Rob-Jamieson Monies! Photo by Owlpacino