Wall Street Steward

  • April4th

    Probate-Court-JudgeMany attorneys are doing a phenomenal job of scaring people into creating trusts.  Truthfully, unless some unusual requests are to be made as part of your estate plan, very few people actually need trusts.  If that is the case, then WHY do so many people have trust accounts as part of their estate plan? Read More


  • March6th

    The-Forest-TreesDow 3,000!  The end is near!!  Get out while you still have time!

    Now that we have gotten the scare tactics out of the way, let’s have a knowledgeable conversation.  The long term performance of the stock market can be summed up easily:  upward trend, positive returns OVER TIME.  The over time part is key…don’t miss that. Short term pullbacks occur, of course….but o.v.e.r.t.i.m.e. the trend is positive.  Overwhelmingly so.  Assuming you agree, then why do you think there are so many “experts” calling for a crash at any given point in time? Read More


  • March1st

    I know that financial experts say it’s best to be debt free, but when it comes to paying off a mortgage, that may not be the best move. Here’s why:


    Whether or not you believe that real estate is an appreciating asset probably depends on your perspective, but the truth is that it appears we’ve seen a short- term bottom in real estate prices, and are in the early stages of a recovery. Read More


New York Stock Exchange Photo by david.nikonvscanon Bullish Photo by Rob-Jamieson Monies! Photo by Owlpacino