Wall Street Steward

  • September8th

    bruce-springsteenI do not remember the last day where I didn’t hear at least one person call for a major stock market correction.  Sometimes, it comes from normal, every day folks….and other times, it comes from so called “experts.”

    I will be the first to confess that I do not know what the stock market will do over a short term time horizon.  Nobody can predict those types of movements with any accuracy or consistency.

    However, over a longer term time horizon, the stock market could continue to move higher.  Here is why…. Read More


  • September4th

    TrumpIn the month of July, we had a very minor stock market pullback.  Nevertheless, it was enough to cause a bit of worry for conservative investors.  What I am about to describe actually happened, but of course, I changed the name to protect the innocent. Read More


  • August7th

    secret-serviceMy job is to be a good steward of my clients’ assets. Whether that means encouraging them to make a decision or exhorting them NOT to make a decision, it is all part of the gig.

    However, another part of being a steward is protecting them from other advisors/investments/ideas that would be harmful to them.  This is a true case study that occured recently. Read More


New York Stock Exchange Photo by david.nikonvscanon Bullish Photo by Rob-Jamieson Monies! Photo by Owlpacino